Modus can offer a full asbestos surveying service. We have highly experienced surveyors and can offer cost effective surveys throughout the UK.

However there is much more to asbestos management than completing a survey and installing a management system. On all but the most modern sites asbestos management has an impact on almost every work activity from major projects to routine maintenance. Even within small companies information about asbestos containing materials may be required by a large number of staff, contractors and tenants.

In cases like this it is not sufficient just to look at the asbestos management system without reviewing your entire work ordering and control systems.

Modus can offer you the solution to any problem you have with asbestos. We also guarantee that we can provide the most cost effective solution possible.

We have many years experience offering:

  • Compliance audits
  • Management policy and procedures
  • Strategy development
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Sampling
  • Work instructions
  • Training services
  • Re-inspection programmes

At Modus we believe we have the ability and experience to help you develop policies, procedures, work instructions and training programmes. This will help you;

  • Demonstrate effective compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Reduce the impact of identified ACMs on routine maintenance works
  • Minimise lost time due to previously unidentified ACMs
  • Maintain effective control over contractors on site
  • Ensure correct management of emergency situations
  • Provide appropriate awareness training to all staff and contractors