Managed Services

Your business depends on the effectiveness of your IT systems and as managed service providers our job is to let you run your business while we take care of your IT.

We’re here to support businesses across Scotland and the north of England

Managing your own IT can become expensive and since no one person knows it all it becomes easy for something to be missed. That missed update might become very expensive. By outsourcing support you will have access to an experienced and qualified technical support team who are responsible for keeping everything up to date and secure.

Every aspect of your system can be managed and maintained with a single point of contact. This reduces management effort, simplifies your costs and ensures support is provided when it is needed.

  • Increased productivity: Outsourcing your IT support means that your team can focus on the business rather than trying to find out why we can’t access the internet again. With round the clock monitoring most problems can be dealt with before anyone knew they had happened. 
  • Peace of mind: All updates installed, virus software up to date, data is secure, acceptable use is enforced and there is a plan in place if the worst happens.
  • Expertise: With over twenty years’ experience we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to keep you on track.
  • A custom package: Support is tailored to your company to keep costs down and avoid work that isn’t needed.
  • Predictable costs: Where possible everything gets boiled down to a single monthly cost. Where we can’t do that, menu pricing lets you know what you are going to pay at the end.

Every business’ needs are different so we tailor our support to you. Our range of support solutions can be scaled up or down as your requirements change.

It is more important than ever to keep your data secure. Even simple mistakes can be embarrassing and costly. Modus is able to keep your data safe.

There are numerous approaches to securing your network to assure secure communications for a wide range of requirements. The landscape runs from firewall configuration to Virtual Private Network services to application-level cryptography.

  • Anti-Virus
  • Endpoint Security
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Encryption
  • Email Security
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Acceptable Use Monitoring
  • Security Managed Services

We have developed a range of connectivity solutions designed to deliver fully integrated networks and services across the UK. All services are monitored and managed from our head office.

Modus allows you to remove the middleman. As your main point of contact whatever the query, be it mobile, comms, satellite or PSTN, our team will manage and resolve the issue for you.
Our range of managed connectivity solutions include:

  • Business broadband
  • Remote worker broadband
  • FTTC, FTTP and EFM
  • Business Leased Lines
  • MPLS Solutions
  • Satellite Broadband
  • Microwave services