Microsoft 365 Backup

Even Microsoft 365 benefits from an effective back up service. This will provide:

  • Longer retention of deleted data – longer retention of deleted files, emails and teams chats.
  • Protection against ransomware – Automated searches for exhibits of ransomware. Detection and removal of malicious files.
  • Get up and running quickly – if your back ups are all there then you’ll get your data back in next to no time.

Modus are Redstor partners..

Designed for organisations of all sizes with enterprise functionality, Redstor’s disruptive, smart, cloud-native suite of services deliver the new standard in data management and protection. Redstor protects data residing in the broadest range of environments, spanning infrastructure and an ever-widening array of SaaS platforms, through a single multi-tenanted app.
Under-pinned by Redstor’s unique InstantDataTM technology, users are safe in the knowledge that data can be delivered immediately with streamed on demand access to data direct from Redstor’s cloud.

Redstor delivers the new industry standard of data management and protection, with smart AI-driven insights, a cloud-first approach and the ability to protect SaaS and infrastructure data from a simple, unified management interface.

You’ll also benefit from:

  • The broadest coverage of protectable data from a single application
  • Centralised data management from a single, intuitive, cloud-native app
  • Rapid protection for data from day 1 with no need to wait for hardware or complicated set-up
  • Automatic protection against risks with AI-driven malware detection
  • Rapid, on-demand streamed recoveries and enhanced data mobility
  • Simple, predictable pricing that scales up or down as your data changes