Bespoke Software Tailored to Your Company

Most companies would benefit from software which matches their needs exactly. This may be increasing the functionality of your public website or intranet, or taking an existing paper system or Excel spreadsheet and moving it to a proper application that can allow shared access to the information.

Having software which does what you want:

  • Reduces effort
  • Minimises costs
  • Improves customer service
  • Allows better teamwork
  • Wins more sales
  • Improves cash flow
  • Costs less than you might think

But it can be difficult to know where to start. At Modus we provide a friendly face and we understand your business. Our team are trained in Microsoft Visual Studio and can provide a fast, cost effective service

Software specification

We can work with you to develop the specification for your system. We have experience of many different companies and we believe that we can use this experience to help you. We have been able to design and develop innovative solutions to solve the problems of the many businesses which engage us.

Software coding and installation

Modus works with the .net development suite and can translate the specification document to a desktop, web based or handheld PC application quickly and accurately. By using technologies such as .net you will have a system which could be developed further or supported by a large number of service providers.

In all cases where code specification and production is fully funded by the client the ownership of the code rests with the client.

User training and support

Depending upon your system and the number of users Modus can offer a range of support and training services. From one to one training to the design and production of printed training manuals we are able to provide the most cost effective service for your company.

For systems with a very large number of users we are able to offer help desk facilities for users and in house support professionals.

Cloud Hosting

If you decide that a web based application is right for you then we can host and support it on our own cloud servers. We take care of all aspects of availability, support, back up and disaster recovery.