Civic Amenity Booking System

Modus helps Civic Amenity Sites re-open after lockdown.

We have been working with various Civic Amenity Site operators to produce a booking system suitable for use to regulate traffic at sites as they re-open after lockdown closures. It is essential to manage traffic and ensure visitors and staff are kept safe and able to observe social distancing. This requires a more structured approach to visits.

We have worked with an existing booking system specialist to produce a system tailored for Civic Amenity operators requirements. This allows the public to book slots and thus regulate the traffic and visitor numbers.

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A good time to move to Office 365?

The COVID-19 lockdown has forced many companies having unprecedented numbers of staff working from home. Current remote access solutions may be unable to cope with the volume. Staff will usually require access to documents, email and voice & video conferencing to be able to continue with their work.

Modus are Microsoft Partners and in recent years have moved many companies to Microsoft Office 365. Moving to a cloud environment can provide easy access for staff wherever they are working. Moving away from local servers also takes away the problems of server support, data backup, hardware maintenance and budgeting for server replacements.

There are many different licences within the 365 family. In addition to the standard Office software, Microsoft have some great tools for team working over remote workers. Microsoft Teams pulls together messaging, voice, video and document access into a single application. Teams Channels allows all message conversations to be associated with their respective projects rather than lost in long emails chains. Microsoft InTune allows enterprise levels of security and mobile device management to be in place for even the smallest of companies.

Please visit our website for more information on Office 365 and how Modus may assist your move.

National Business Resilience Centres

Modus has been providing IT support to the Scottish Business Resilience Centre for many years.

The Scottish centre is now being used as a model to roll out similar centres throughout England and Wales. Modus has been happy to assist the setup of the first two, North East Business Resilience Centre and the East Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre

We have utilised the latest Microsoft Business 365 products to provide a secure serverless environment with Mobile Device Management and MS Teams for easy workplace collaboration.


Modus has been working extensively with LumiraDX to expand their computer infrastructure in Central Scotland. LumiraDX have two offices locally where Modus manages their IT systems.

Recent projects include installation of;

  • High speed private fibre networks to both sites,
  • Cloud (VOIP) telephony
  • Cloud backup solutions
  • Windows domain controllers and application servers

As well as normal computer deployment and management for their growing user base.


AIMS 5 Water Quality Module

The AIMS 5 water quality module and accompanying tablet recording software has been installed for our first client, Aberdeen City Council. This software allows the routine flushing, temperature testing and sampling of outlets and tank inspection points to be scheduled, tested and recorded within the AIMS asset management system.

Transport Scotland

Modus are please to announce that they have been appointed as the preferred small systems developers to manage the various smaller bespoke applications within Transport Scotland and develop new solutions as required. This continues our longstanding relationship with Transport Scotland.