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[columns] [span6] provides a free service to make easy work of installing common free software applications. By opening its webpage on your PC you can simply tick the applications you want and install them in a single step.

Applications include Chrome and Firefox browsers, Skype, iTunes and Dropbox. There are also some gems you may not have come across like Faststone Image viewer/resizer, OpenOffice (a free MS Office alternative) and a range of free anti-virus tools.

In addition to making it easy to install multiple applications in one step, Ninite ensures that the latest version available from the publisher’s official site is installed and that no toolbars or other junk are slipped into the install process.








R4R Risk Reporting System

Accidents happen all the time. Incidents and accidents that no one could have foreseen. The thing is that during the investigation that follows it often turns out that they could have been foreseen and very often were.

Everyday someone who works in one of your buildings sees something that is wrong. While the problem might be important it may not be desperately urgent right now. One thing you can be sure of is that by the time it does become urgent there will be people saying that they had been going on about it for years. How do you stop these reports falling through the cracks and give you the chance to fix it before someone gets hurt?

You need a system which allows anyone in your team to report a problem regardless of its apparent importance. A system which will allow managers to review the reports, allocate priorities, set actions and track responses. A system that lets you see that problems which are reported are addressed before they become serious.  

The R4R Risk Reporting System from Modus gives you the chance to:


Let’s anyone report a problem, fault, incident or concern. R4R provides a clear and visible framework for reporting concerns regardless of their position in the organisation.


Link a problem to a site with a description, the potential risks and possible solutions. R4R tries to gather as much information from those on the ground.


Problems can be reviewed at any level. Managers can assign priority, set actions. At any time the system can be reviewed and progress on solutions reported.


Actions to solve the problem, changes to policy or procedures, changes to contracts or training changed whatever the resolution people can see that their voice was listened to. Manager s can see that issue that have been reported have been addressed.

The aim is create a place where the countless issues from minor irritations to major safety risks can be reported quickly and if necessary, anonymously. People know where they can report anything and most importantly nothing goes missing.

Created for use on any platform from desktops to mobile phones R4R can be implemented very quickly to  give you confidence that those on the ground are reporting problems and you have an opportunity to resolve them before things get serious.


Asbestos survey tool for tablets

We have used HP/Compaq iPaqs and similar Windows CE based PDAs for many years as our chosen platform for our asbestos survey application. This proved to be a reliable and robust option and gave many years of service to most users. In recent years the marketplace has changed considerably and PDAs have been replaced by smartphones & tablets. We have chosen Windows tablets as our platform for the new version of our asbestos survey tool for AIMS and have started work on its development. The increased screen area compared with a PDA allows more information to be shown on screen, reducing the number of pages to be navigated. The option for 3G or WiFi connections on tablets allows data to be uploaded while away from the office – an important factor to ensure surveyors operating away from the office are able to ‘bank’ their surveys each day.

Clients who have existing iPaqs needn’t worry. AIMS 5 includes support for iPaqs so you will not be forced to buy new hardware until you are ready.

AIMS Version 5

Our popular AIMS asset management software has just had a major update. Version 5 of our web based Asbestos, Legionella and safety management application provides improved functionality and clearer pages with simpler navigation. We have also updated the underlying development language to suit the latest versions of Windows Server. It is easier to get to the information as there are fewer individual pages from the top level to the deepest level. Documents and photographs are now much more accessible and of course recent changes in legislation have been accommodated. The new version will work with all common browsers and can be accessed using tablets and smart phones.

Existing clients can be updated to this on request. Please contact us for a demonstration.

Training Management Software

Modus has developed an innovative application to aid training administrators manage the training requirements of an organisation. Juggling the various legislative training requirements for each post along with each employee’s personal development objectives can be very complicated. This software aims to allow these factors to be managed and training courses booked, joining instructions and post course feedback. The software records training outcomes and forms a training history for each employee. It also has a facility to match competencies, allowing personnel to be selected for tasks based on training courses attended, qualifications held and on-the-job experience.

The software have been developed in conjunction with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to meet the complex training requirements of the fire and rescue service, however the application would suit any organisation.