Asbestos survey tool for tablets

We have used HP/Compaq iPaqs and similar Windows CE based PDAs for many years as our chosen platform for our asbestos survey application. This proved to be a reliable and robust option and gave many years of service to most users. In recent years the marketplace has changed considerably and PDAs have been replaced by smartphones & tablets. We have chosen Windows tablets as our platform for the new version of our asbestos survey tool for AIMS and have started work on its development. The increased screen area compared with a PDA allows more information to be shown on screen, reducing the number of pages to be navigated. The option for 3G or WiFi¬†connections on tablets¬†allows data to be uploaded while away from the office – an important factor to ensure surveyors operating away from the office are able to ‘bank’ their surveys each day.

Clients who have existing iPaqs needn’t worry. AIMS 5 includes support for iPaqs so you will not be forced to buy new hardware until you are ready.